Second Hand Pianos


Second Hand Pianos

With over 160 years experience, our experts have mastered the fine art of what to look for in buying second hand pianos. We know that every piano has its own character and tone and a brand new piano isn't always the best option. Buying a second hand piano can come with many benefits but mostly to do with price.

Our showroom has a wide range of second hand pianos, ex-rental and restored pianos from uprights to grands. These fantastic instruments include Yamaha uprights to 100-year-old Bechstein and Steinway.

Our second hand pianos come at great value with our 0% Credit and Money Back Rental offer making buying second hand pianos exceptionally affordable. Have a look below to see the range we have in stock.

Our Support and Service

We deliver nationwide and provide the same level of service to a second hand piano as we would a brand new instrument; whether it be £1000 ex-rental or a £175,000 second hand Bechstein.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will prepare and tune the piano prior to delivery. After the piano has acclimatised within your home, usually 4-6 weeks after delivery, we will arrange a free piano tuning to bring the tone back to how you experienced it in our showroom.

Our piano experts are always on hand to help you, over the phone, email, in-store or home visits, with any queries or questions you may have. Contact us here.

0% Credit and Money Back Rental

Buying a piano on 0% Credit allows you to spread the payments over 24 months, interest-free. Having this option on a second hand piano not only gives you an affordable instrument but an affordable way to buy. To learn more about our 0% Credit option please click here.

Our Money Back Rental offer gives you the opportunity to try the instrument before purchasing. After 3 months of renting the piano, you can convert to a 0% Credit agreement and purchase the instrument over 12 or 24 months. If you decide to buy within 6 months, you get 100% of your money back toward either the instrument or an upgrade! To learn more about our Money Back Rental option please click here.

Our Showroom

Our showrooms are open 7 days a week, giving you an opportunity to drop in and try a range of pianos. Our experts are always on hand to help you select the best piano for your needs. The showroom will give you space and time to play the piano and ask any questions. We are here to offer technical and comprehensive after-sales support. Feel free to call us to see what available second hand pianos we have in stock. 

Name Price 0% Credit at 24 Months Monthly Rental Rate
Bentley 1980 Upright Piano £1699 £63.71 £85
Barratt & Robinson £1499 £54.13
Challen Upright Piano £1399 £52.46 £70
Chappell Mahogany Upright Piano £1999 £74.96
Neumann Upright Piano  £1099 £41.21 £10
Hoffmann Vision V120 Black Upright Piano  £6199 £232.46
Kawai K-15e Polished Ebony Upright Piano £2899 £108.71
Marshall & Rose Upright Piano £1499 £56.21 £15
Kemble Cambridge Oak Satin UK Modern £2799 £104.96
Obermeier Upright Piano £1199 £44.96
Schirmer 108 Upright Piano From £1199 to £1499 £56.21 From £20
Kemble Cambridge 10 Mahogany Upright Piano £4299 £161.21
Welmar Upright Piano £1699 £63.71
£ £ £
£ £ £
Steinberg Grand £2999 £112.46
£ £
Chinese Modern 108cm Polished Black £1899 £71.21 £38
Bentley 1980 Upright Piano £1699 £63.71 £85
Reidsohn Upright Piano £1699 £63.71 £34
£ £
£ £
£ £ £
Yamaha MPX70 Silent Mahogany Upright Piano £3499 £131.21