At the heart of Cambridge, Millers Music has been supplying folk instruments to folk musicians for decades. Whether you're after banjos, mandolins, ukuleles or many others, our folk department has a wide range suitable for players from beginners right through to professionals.

As well as stringed folk instruments, Millers is proud to also stock traditional European folk instruments like accordions, concertinas, melodeons, harmonicas and other, more unusual reed instruments like melodicas.

If you're after percussion instruments for your folk ensemble, we have a range bodhrans, cajons, bongos, djembes and many more hand percussion instruments for folk musicians. Drop in and give them a try!

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  1. Aulos - 511 Tenor Recorder
    9 Months 0% Credit
    £9.90 monthly
    0% Credit £9.90 monthly
  2. Aulos - 303A Soprano Recorder
  3. Aulos - 209B Alto Recorder
  4. Aulos - 205A Descant Recorder

5 Items

Set Descending Direction