ABRSM Aural Training in Practice Grades 1-3 with 2CDs

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The aural section of your practical music examination is an essential component if you really want to go for that distinction. Aural Training in Practice will help you and your pupils achieve the level you want, and feel fully prepared when the big day comes.


The aural component of your graded music examination demonstrates your listening skills, and is an essential part of making music. A musical ear is something that a few lucky people seem to be born with, others have to work at it, but it can be achieved by anyone willing to put the time and effort in.

The ABRSM practical exams all include an aural component, but even for those not studying towards an exam, the integration of listening skills into lessons can be invaluable.

Along with the two included CDs, this book provides examples of the tests that you will be confronted with in your exam. The most basic of these is clapping to the beat of a piece, which can be in either two or three time. This is one of the most basic musical listening skills, essential for anyone who wants to play in a band, orchestra or other ensemble

The second part is singing, humming or whistling back a two-bar melody, at the same tempo as it had been played. Plenty of examples are included on the CDs, and will build the pupil's confidence in this area.

The third part is a more recent addition to the aural tests, and involves spotting when a change to rhythm or pitch is made between two phrases. Again, repeatedly practicing this make it almost intuitive with practice.

The final part of the exam requires the pupil to answer questions about a piece, and can be regarding the dynamics, articulation, tempo, and tonality. Recognising the difference between a major and minor key is integral to understanding musical performances.

Aural Training in Practice offers valuable support to teachers preparing students for ABRSM exams. It is available in three volumes covering Grades 13, Grades 4 & 5 and Grade 6-8. Each volume includes teaching hints and strategies, many practice exercises for ABRSM exams including answers where appropriate, and CD recordings of all exercises.

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