Roland TD-1KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

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Roland's most affordable drum kit with a mesh snare drum, perfect for beginners but with Roland world class V-Drum technology inside.

The TD-1KV adds to Roland's most affordable drum kit with their unique mesh-head technology to create a stunning kit at an unbelievable price. This is the ultimate drum kit for beginners.

Suitable for any size - like the TD1K, the TD1KV can be raised and lowered to suit any player. The central vertical bar allows for personalised control over the position of every element of the drum kit.

Compact and quiet - the lightweight frame and tripod base creates a very small footprint, which also minimises vibrations through to the floor. Plug your headphones in and play to your heart's content without worrying about disturbing the whole house and the neighbours. You can reduce the noise and vibration further with the NE-10 Noise Eater floor pad, which decreases noise by a further 75%.

Upgradeable - if you want an extra cymbal, or you'd prefer the feel of an acoustic kick pedal or double pedal, you can! With the OP-TD1C Cymbal, the KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, or the KD-9 Kick Pad, you've plenty of ways to expand your sound.

15 Expressive Drum Kits - whatever style of music you can think of, there’ll be a kit for you here. See further down the page for a full list.

Built In Songs - built in to the TD1KV you’ll find 15 songs covering a range of genres. These are easy to select, can loop for as long as you want to play, and have matching intros and outros.

Metronome - as you’d expect, a metronome as included, but unexpectedly, you’ll find that you can choose almost any time signature, and quickly get the tempo you want with a tap tempo button.

Built In Rhythm Coach - the TD1KV, like the TD1K, has a range of built in tools to improve your timing and strike accuracy, watch our video below with Craig Blundell and he’ll show you how it works.

Laptop and iOS Connectivity* - Roland offers their Friend Jam software for iPad, iPhone or iPod, as well as Mac and PC. It's completely free, and is th ideal companion to help you learn the drums and progress in your playing.
For drummers of any age and ability, the Workout Records let you track how often and well you play. You can also see how well you're doing in comparison to friends, and also on a world leader board. The online database of songs to play along to is constantly growing, and covers a great range of genres including rock, jazz and pop.
The Visual Workout shows you the accuracy and strength of your hits, so you can work to improve your stroke, and evaluate yourself in real time.

MIDI Connectivity - as a standard MIDI system is used when connected to a device via USB, you’ll find that any other application like Garage Band, Logic, Cubase and Fruity Loops, as well as Roland’s own DT-1 Drum Tutor.

Built In Drum Kits

  • 1. Standard
  • 2. Rock
  • 3. Funk
  • 4. Jazz
  • 5. House
  • 6. Fiber
  • 7. Light
  • 8. Coated
  • 9. Heavy
  • 10. Acoustic
  • 11. Drum 'n' Bass
  • 12. TR-808
  • 13. Electronic
  • 14. Reggae
  • 15. Percussion

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